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Classic Breathable Coveralls Large Elastic Wrist and Ankle


Medical protective suit. Disposable coveralls are critical items of protective clothing for surgical procedures, maternity wards, emergency departments, as well as other places where exposure to contaminants, or the spreading thereof to patients, is high.  Disposable polypropylene coveralls, when compared to conventional surgical clothing, have been proven to reduce bacterial contamination of the air of a conventionally ventilated operating room by 62%.

When compared to other items of protective clothing, there a several advantages to wearing disposable coveralls.  They are comfortable, lightweight, and durable.   Most importantly, they will adequately serve to protect the wearer from exposure to hazardous chemicals.

Exposure to toxic agents and hazardous chemicals is a serious risk in the medical profession and necessary to prepare for.

Disposable Coveralls: Clean & Simple

In the surgical arena, wearing coveralls and other protective equipment (i.e. surgical maskshoodsglovesshoe covers, etc.) is critical because there will always be microorganisms on or in the skin, even after conducting strict hygienic and sterilization procedures.

For disposable coveralls, as well as any protective equipment you need, CVBA can provide it.  After browsing our on line catalogue, we invite you to call our customer service department toll free at +32 460 20 64 52 if you have any questions or need further assistance.  Our medical equipment specialists are standing by to help you. Medical protective suit.


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