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Where to buy clipper lighters near me


Clipper refillable Adjustable Gas lighters in 4 Strain Types

Buy clipper lighters online. Original Products manufactured in Europe. We ship directly from Canada or Europe depending on stock availability. No matter where we ship from, be it directly from Europe or from stock in Canada maximum Delivery duration is 6-7 days after payment and confirmation of order.

Whether you smoke herbs or tobacco, it goes without saying that having a lighter is pretty important. It’s your buddy, your partner, that little pocket pal that you take with you everywhere; which is why it’s always heartbreaking when you have to retire your lighter. But thanks to the people at Clipper, you won’t ever have to feel that heartbreak again.

Representing the best of both worlds, Clipper lighters are both disposable and refillable. Better still, every Clipper lighter is equipped with a tough nylon body and a replaceable flint; which means your washing machine will never tragically claim another lighter from you ever again.

The only way you’ll lose one of these lighters is if you accidentally drop it in your couch or your roommate steals it (we’re watching you, David).

With a mind-boggling number of unique design, also make the perfect collectible. Astronaut animals? Check! Stoned Geishas? You betcha! Retro-Soviet inspired design? Surprisingly yes! Buy clipper lighters online


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