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BIC Sensitive Shaver Disposable Razor


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We are renowned as a reliable supplier of quality products and is dedicated to meeting all its customer requirements and complying with the most demanding standards.

Customers can count on fast delivery and customized services anywhere in the world. It tailored its product according to the customer’s local needs and demand, this gives the knowledge it needs to effectively do business in every region. We are continuously improving our products both in ways we produce and deliver them. It endeavors to achieve mutual satisfaction for customers by the quality of product and service.


Clean off residue

Help your razor blades stay sharp, you will never feel they’re dull again

You will always feel like you are using a brand new razor every time you shave, Helps you save between 60% to 90% on razor blades each year

Works with virtually all razor blades

5 blades for better comfort
360 Handle for strong grip and total control, even when wet
Lubrication strip also helps your Gillette glide across your skin with comfort
Front transfers the pressure of your hand away from the blades for better skin comfort
15 Soft gently stretch the skin to create a smooth, even surface for a comfortable shave

More than 600 million men and women use razor blades and throw billions of razor blades in the landfills each year. With this product, you can prolong the lifespan of your razor blades considerably and will help the environment as a result.

Many people shave at least once a week so this is a must have.

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Providing quality products at competitive price as per the customer requirement.
Create and maintain total employee’s involvement.
On time delivery every time.
Door step Delivery.
Continuous growth and improvement in our capabilities and services.
Always strive hard for enhancing the customer delight throughout our process. Buy Bic Classic Razors


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