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Best thermometer 2020: check body temperature in adults and babies with the best digital thermometers

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Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer Accurately track body temperature and watch out for virus symptoms with our pick of the best thermometers for every budget

Best thermometers

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By Alex Cox 3 hours ago

We know from our traffic that the best thermometers – like hand sanitizer – are suddenly very sought after. There are, however, many reasons why you might want to use a digital thermometer normally. These range from tracking your body temperature when you have a fever, to monitoring the temperature of your baby’s room, or even to give you an indication of whether you might be near ovulation. In our guide to the best thermometers, we cover a range of devices to suit all of these scenarios and more.

If a loved one is unwell, accurately tracking their temperature could make all the difference between settling them down with a blanket in front of some daytime TV, or calling your GP. And with the latest breed of smart thermometers and non-contact thermometers, you can get fast temperature readings without having to take an internal measurement. 

The smartest models in our best thermometers round-up automatically keep a record of a person’s different temperature readings. You could use the data to spot any patterns that may emerge over a specific period of time, then share them with your GP if needed.

Of course, there are other types of thermometer too, such as room thermometers. You see these used frequently in nurseries where parents want an easy way to make sure the room isn’t too hot or too cold for their baby.RECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOU…

Speaking of little ones, there are tons of baby thermometers on the market, ranging from forehead thermometers to in-ear and non-contact thermometers, which gives you plenty of choice on one hand but can also make buying a thermometer a little confusing. The top features to look out for here include a simple one-touch operation, and a large display with a backlight so that you can read it without turning the nursery light on and waking baby. Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

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